Stretching after session

May 22, 2015
One of the few thing we athletes are scared of,  are the injuries that can stop us to do what […]

Training tips on 4windsurf magazine

Apr 23, 2015
On the last issue of the italian magazine 4windsurf you can find the physical training I am following. The main […]

Training in Tenerife

Apr 12, 2015
Some pics from my last training in Tenerife. I had a sweet time, in the water and out, I went […]

Winter in Cape Town

Feb 18, 2015
Time here in South Africa just flies away too quick, and two months are feeling too short for me. All the differents spots where you can sail with so many different conditions make this place a perfect playground where to spend the winter.

PWA experience

Jan 5, 2015
A little bit late,  but here it is, my first year on the PWA Tour reported on the italian magazine […]

World Cup in Sylt, Germany

Dec 5, 2014
This was for me the last event on the World Tour. The Sylt event was the biggest of the PWA, […]
Looping in Pozo

Practicing backloop

Nov 29, 2014
Practice makes perfection. Training backloops in the waves of Gran Canaria.  
Looping in Pozo

Double page article on the italian magazine windnews:

Nov 16, 2014
Interview video published on the italian magazine 4 Windsurf about my first entered PWA Wave event, which was cancelled for no wind conditions. This year let’s wait for more wind and waves.
Looping in Pozo

Media Coverage 2014

Nov 16, 2014
Tenerife update from the PWA on
Looping in Pozo

Caterina Pozo 2014

Oct 19, 2014
A little clip about the training I am having here in Pozo Izquierdo for the first event of the PWA […]