Skyrunning, I love it!


Why not?

When I thought about trying a sky running race, I couldn’t find one reason not to try it. I love competitions, I love meeting and competing with other strong girls who like to push themselves and train hard and who are driven by a big passion. I think there’s nothing in life like be passionated about something and fight and dream for your passion.

I love mountains and this was the perfect excuse to keep training and enjoy the outdoors!

And in a moment where I am a bit stucked in my sport, I really found in this sport a bit of fresh air, new motivation and new perspective.

But I didn’t think I would like it so much, I can tell you, this is just as addictive as riding waves or paddling hard in a race.

What I love mostly about these races is the landscape at the top that gives you all the reward for your hard climb, there’s something special in it that I cannot really put into words.

So, here’s a new sport to discover, getting excited about and to keep dreaming.

I did the Alpago Skyrace, 20km and 2000 meter, the Dreizinnen Lauf in South Tirol, 15km and 1330 meter and the Transcavallo Skyrace in Veneto 18km and 1800 meter. And more to come!