PWA experience


A little bit late,  but here it is, my first year on the PWA Tour reported on the italian magazine Windnews!

IMG-20141226-WA0005  IMG-20141226-WA0004



Sitting with a coffee on a rare rainy day here in Cape Town, I remember these past 6 months as a non stop period, chasing my dreams of windsurfing, combining my PhD with the competitions.

I have done three of the four events this year, Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Sylt, being the last one in Hawaii out of my budget this year.

I end 11th in the ranking, with actually only two events counting as Sylt got cancelled for lack of conditions.  5th in Pozo and 17 in Tenerife..a good starting point and motivation to do better!

Being in the World Tour is not only sign up in the competitions, is a whole new life style, travelling and organizing your life around windsurfing, in order to train as much as possible, which means as well being far away from home a lot, not having a stable place for the most of the time.

To be in the World Tour for me is a big challenge, as I have to organize my life, my sponsor, my work and trying to combining successfully all of them, which is not always an easy task, but it is the beauty of it as well.

Now it goes on.. I’m training this winter for one and half month in the waves of South Africa, soon some pictures of the nice swell we are scoring here.

Enjoy the article, italian readers!

Thanks to Windnews!

Article in the last number of Windnews magazine.