PWA Pozo


Pozo was on fire during the first PWA!!

The competiton started on the 12th, after the running of the men’s trails.

On sunday I was pretty nervous already in the morning, because the wind was pretty strong and I wasn’t sure about which sail to use. I had my 3.0, 3.4. 3.7 rigged on the beach, and was sailing with the 3.0 just before the heat.  In the afternoon the single of the girls started, I was ok with my 3.0, managed to land some nice forwards of  6 points and some waveriding.

After passing my first heat, again as last year I had my second one against Daida, so I finished the single with a 5th place. I was happy, because I couldn’t have done better.

On monday the skipper’s meeting was at 7:30, the girls started at around 10 am with the high tide, so after few heats,  competition was stopped to wait for a better tide.

My first heat of the double was against the canadian girl Ingrid Lauroche, a strong girl used to starboard tack wind. I won the heat with forwards, tabletops and some nice waves. Just the time to check the points, I was in the water again against Alice Arutkin this time. We both were overpowered, doing forwards was not easy and I was overpowered even in the waveriding, but I did my best and I came out of the water, seeing some friends of mine with the thumbs up! I passed again!

Tired but happy, I put again my streamer on the sail, and I sailed against Steffi Wahl, I was pretty tired and overpowered and Steffi just sailed amazing with nice backside surfing and some nice forwards. I came out of the water this time to relax finally and happy to have reached the 6th place.

I feel I have improved both in the jumps and in the waveriding during these last months, and I am motivated to keep travelling, competing and training.

Thanks to Marc Paré helping me on the beach,  Pozo Clinics for motivating and John Skye for the help!

Thank you Fishbowldiaries, Jose Piña and JC for the nice pics!

And everyone at home following the livestreaming!!